The founders of Shrujan are followers of Sri Ramakrishna Mission. In keeping with the teachings of Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda, they believe that alleviation of poverty and hunger must occur before spiritual teaching can have any real impact. In keeping with this, Shrujan has been built on the following principles:

    - Self-sufficiency, confidence, and dignity are the rights of women all over the world.
    - Maximizing local, available resources, situations and skills is the best way of assisting rural communities.
    - All forms of useful work are equal
    - The unnatural divides of caste and communities can and must be overcome.

Producing exquisite embroidery with the status of a high art form is the outcome of this philosophy. The organization never wavered from the initial vision that women would be respected as gifted and highly skilled artisans.


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